Buildings Insurance For Landlords – Know The Facts


A number of landlords are at risk of having their properties depreciate in value with the passage of time. Much of this depreciation is largely a result of business leasing in situations where properties are rented out to individuals or families. Because the occupier himself does not own such premises, there is a natural carelessness on the tenant’s part when it comes to the day-to-day handling of the property. Without building insurance for landlords, houses can lose value remarkably and not be of any real value once the tenants occupying the property have moved out. But why get landlords building insurance in the first place?

Who Needs Buildings Insurance For Landlords?

Landlord rental insurance is important for protecting your property from unexpected disasters like fires, flooding, earthquakes, violent storms and all other disasters that could possibly occur and manifest themselves on your house(s). Without insurance of this kind, you will be forced to sell your property for a price lower than the value it had when you bought it. In addition, when you are not insured, the duty of restoring damaged property will be right on top of your shoulders. In the latter case you could very easily end up with an abandoned piece of property that was once valuable but is no more.

Always insure your properties with the right insurance coverage. In order to ascertain the best insurance policy you ought to consider present risks and how much they could affect negatively on your assets. Say you have a business property in a business district being rented by a restaurant owner. In such a case, you ought to choose the one policy that will reimburse you enough money for restoration in the event of a fire or explosion stemming from one of the kitchens. Now, imagine if the property itself is undervalued. Undervaluing your asset will result in you getting inadequate compensation.

Buildings Insurance For Landlords
Another reason why it is crucial to insure your asset is that it also adds value to your house. When you do come to the conclusion that you wish to sell the home, the fact that it was insured will surely work in your favor. Insured homes are expensive because they tell new property owners that the assets were in fact taken care of properly during your tenure of ownership.

The location of your property has an indelible impact on the monthly or yearly premiums you will be expected to pay. If the property is in a high crime area it only stands to reason that there is a very high risk of the fixtures on your home(s) being stripped off and stolen. In such a scenario, the insurance company will be forced to charge you very high premiums to cover the eventual costs of reimbursement in the event that a burglary or theft occurs. However, it is fair to say that the opposite is in fact true. Therefore, if your properties are in low crime areas premiums will be accordingly less than if the properties were located in a high crime area.

Discounts On Buildings Insurance For Landlords

There are obvious scenarios where your insurer will consider other factors such as the type of tenants that are residing on the leased property. Because of this single factor alone, insurers are actually willing to offer discounts on policies owing to the type of tenant presently occupying the property. In the situation of a professional staying in your home, premiums will come at a discounted price because professionals are thought to conduct themselves in a professional manner non-detrimental to the value of your home. However, if students are staying on the property it is only natural that premiums will be inflated to cover costs of obvious accidents associated with students.

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